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February 2004 Press Release General public (KATHIMERINI, presspoint, flash)


March 2004 Conference


Tabouris, Gorilas, Apostolou, Abecker, Stojanovic, Mentzas, “Ontology-enabled e-Gov Service Configuration: An Overview of the OntoGov project”

Research International ARCHETYPON, PLANET, FZI,
15-16 March 2004 Conference

eGov-Days 2004,

Abecker, Apostolou, Hinkelmann, Probst, Stojanovic,

“Ontology enabled EGovernment Service Configuration – the OntoGov Approach”

Research International FHSO. FZI, PLANET
1 Sep 2004 Confernece

DEXA 2004,

Invited presentation in the “4th Workshop on Interoperable eGovernment Services- Workshop on Technological and Architectural Challenges”

Research International PLANET, INDRA
2-4 February 2005 Conference


Apostolou, Stojanovic, Lobo, Thoenssen, Towards a Semantically-driven Software Engineering Environment for eGovernment

Research International PLANET, FZI, Indra, FHSO
10-13 April 2005 Conference

wm2005 in Kaiserslautern,

Explizierung von Prozesswissen auf der Basis von Ontologien

Research International FHSO
25-29 October 2004 Conference

ODBASE 2004,

L. Stojanovic, A. Abecker, N. Stojanovic, R. Studer On Managing Changes in the ontology-based E-Government

Kongreßbeitrag/Proceeding, OTM Confederated International Conferences, CoopIS, DOA, and ODBASE 2004, Agia Napa, Cyprus, October 25-29, 2004.

Research international FZI

KEST 2004,

L. Stojanovic, A. Abecker, N. Stojanovic, R. Studer An Approach for the Change Management in the E-Government Domain

Kongreßbeitrag/Proceeding, Second International Conference on Knowledge Economy and Development of Science and Technology (KEST 2004 ), Beijing, China, 2004

Research International FZI


L. Stojanovic, An approach for continual ontology improvement

Kongreßbeitrag/Proceeding, Proceedings of the International Conference of Knowledge Engineering and Decision Support (ICKEDS2004), Porto, Portugal, 2004.

Research International FZI

L. Stojanovic, Methods and Tools for Ontology Evolution

Dissertation, Referee: Rudi Studer, Christof Weinhardt, Asunción Gómez-Pérez

Research Germany FZI
May 2005 Publication


FHSO 2004,

OntoGov: Ontology-enabled E-Government Service Configuration

General public Switcherland FHSO (available approx. in May 05)
March 2004 Project web-site ( General public International INDRA
PLANET web-site ( General public Greece PLANET
FZI web site (/ General public Germany FZI
IMI web-site ( General public Spain IMI
DETDA web-site ( General public Greece DETDA
Oct 2004 Poster

eChallenges 2004 exhibition and conference

Research European PLANET
06-08 October 2004 Poster

ISI in Chur

Das Projekt OntoGov

Research International FHSO
Sep 2004 Brochure Research – General public International ALL


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